Israel According To Lipti

Israel According To Lipti, 2014

Remember Lipti?

In the 1980s and ’90s, Lipti T-shirts were a big hit in Israel. Crisp white t-shirts printed with colorful scenes of Israel—Tel Aviv, Hamidbar, sabras, wild flowers—playful, naïve, sweet and … wildly popular!

Now, (do we need “some”?) twenty years later, a book by Ruth Adler, the artist behind Lipti, is being released. This evocative collection of Lipti artwork offers a nostalgic glimpse into the country at the end of the last century.

Two exhibitions

Two exhibitions of Lipti artwork will be held in conjunction with the book launch:

Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, where Ruth studied and later taught, is hosting an exhibition of Lipti T-shirts from the 80’s and original gouache sketches as well as an artist’s talk and interview.
Artist’s talk/interview: TBA
Exhibit opens March 20, 2014

Tel Aviv Bauhaus Center is holding a book launch, along with an exhibition of Ruth’s original sketches and Lipti artwork.
Book launch: March 28, 2014
Exhibit opens March 28, 2014 book launches in cities across Israel in March 2014.

Ruth Adler

Ruth Adler grew up in Alberta where the open prairie sky made a deep impression on what would be her visual language. After high school, Ruth went in search of a warmer climate and found it in Tel Aviv, where she studied art and design. She spent the next twenty years traveling between Canada and Israel, with frequent stopovers in Italy and New York.

It was in Italy that Ruth discovered her love and fascination for pattern that inspired her in the study of textile design. She brought to this traditional field her prairie sensibility of simplicity and balance, and a wild colour sense reminiscent of Henri Matisse, likely acquired from years living on the shores of the Mediterranean.

In the early eighties, Ruth walked into Marci Lipman Graphics on Avenue Road in Toronto with some textile designs under her arm and began her career in t-shirts and fashion, a wave she and Marci rode until the late nineties. During this time, Ruth started a t-shirt company in Israel known as Lipti Art to Wear, destined to become a household name in Israel. She continued to receive design commissions from both sides of the Atlantic, from the Schneider Children’s Hospital in Petach Tiqva to linen collections for Macy’s and Martex, while running a business, raising a family and teaching surface design at the Shenkar Institute of Design. Her vibrant, colourful Lipti t-shirts were sold all over the world. Ruth also had exhibitions of her serigraphs in New York, Tel Aviv and Toronto.

Back in North America In the late nineties, Ruth wrote, illustrated, and directed an animated short about her love of Canada’s rugged beauty and colorful history. Then she discovered a new landscape in the form of a circle, her “inner landscape” that has been the basis of her artwork since 2001. From the outset, Jim Kempner Fine Art has represented Ruth’s circles in New York and the Lonsdale Gallery carries her work in Toronto.

Selected works and exhibitions

  • T-shirt
  • Lipti Jerusalem
  • Sabras, Lipti

Ruth Adler is represented in Toronto by the Lonsdale Gallery and in New York by Jim Kempner Fine Art.

  • 2012 Jim Kempner Fine Art, New York, USA, group show
  • 2011 TOAE 50th Anniversary Exhibition, Toronto, Canada
  • 2010 Lonsdale Gallery, The Lonsdale Drawers, Toronto, Canada, group show
    Jim Kempner Fine Art, New York, USA, group show
    The Artist Project, Toronto, Ontario
  • 2009 Lonsdale Gallery, Looking Ahead, Toronto, Canada, group show
  • 2008 Lonsdale Gallery, Finding Ground, Toronto, Canada, solo show
  • 2007 Lonsdale Gallery, Extravaganza, Toronto, Canada, group show
    Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, Canada
  • 2006 Jim Kempner Fine Art, Around in Circles, New York, USA, solo show
    Harbourfront Centre Gallery Home/Representation, Toronto, Canada, group show
    Toronto Alternative Art Fair, Toronto, Canada
  • 2005 Lennox Contemporary, Print, Toronto Ontario, group show
    Jim Kempner Fine Art, New York, USA, group show
  • 2004 Lonsdale Gallery, Circles, Toronto, Canada, solo show
    Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, Canada
    ICFF, New York, USA
  • 2003 Toronto Interior Design Show
  • 2002-2011 Textile Museum of Canada, Toronto, Shadow Box, group show
  • 1996 Escolla Gallery, Design in Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel, group show
  • 1994 OXFAM Traveling Exhibition, Art for a Fairer World, London, England, group show
  • 1989 Marci Lipman Graphics, Toronto, Canada, solo show
  • 1988 Multiple Impressions Gallery, New York, USA, group show
  • 1986 Marci Lipman Graphics, Toronto, Canada, solo show
  • 1984 First Impressions Gallery, Toronto, Canada, solo show