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Drawing Course with Victor Melamed | Every Wednesday

Drawing Course with Victor Melamed !

Victor Melamed is not only a renowned self-taught illustrator who has worked for New Yorker Rolling Stone and around 20 other magazines but also an experienced teacher.

Melamed has run an illustration course for 12 years at the British Higher School of Design. He is an author of the book ‘The Machinery of Portrait.’ Victor believes that drawing can be viewed from various perspectives: as mere craft a means of visual thinking a sport a game a therapy a performance a party trick a mystical practice.

He is confident that everyone can find their unique approach. This course will undoubtedly transform your drawing process and reveal new directions and possibilities regardless of your experience.

When: Every Wednesday 18:00-21:00

Cost: 200 NIS for a three-hour workshop.

It is possible to pay separately for each lesson or to pay for several lessons at once.

Where: Dizengoff 77 Tel Aviv

Language: English

For information and registration please email:


| Drawing Course with Victor Melamed | Every Wednesday