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The Bauhaus Center Gallery develops and hosts changing exhibitions about Bauhaus architecture and design, the city of Tel Aviv and contemporary art, design and architecture. Our exhibitions travel, and they have been shown in Berlin, Frankfurt, Delft (NL), London and many more places.

Many of our Bauhaus Center exhibitions are shown in museums and educational institutions around the world, including Berlin, Frankfurt, Delft and London. More information about our exhibitions for rent can be found here >>

Showing From Dec 1 | Instagram, 1938-style

Photos by Zoltan Kluger from Mandatory Palestine, in two souvenir albums.

The exhibition displays documents of Zionist history from the 1930s, that just like today’s social media aim to impress with the help of spectacular photos – that serve a particular agenda.

This new exhibition is on display in the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv from Dec 1. Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updates and invites.

Coming Soon | | Bauhaus Gallery & Exhibitions | Bauhaus Center Tel AvivPreservation and Renewal

This exhibition – and our classic book by the same title about preservation of the Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv – presents color photographs of renovated buildings in the White City alongside historic photographs and architectural plans. The book’s compact design allows one to peruse it while touring the city, next to the buildings themselves.

This exhibition curated by Bauhaus Center founder Micha Gross has been shown in galleries, universities and other venues around the globe. It is our hope that all owners of buildings slated for preservation in Tel Aviv may be convinced of the feasibility of preserving their property, and that our next exhibition and book may present the entire White City as well preserved.

Visit the reprise of this Bauhaus exhibition soon in the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv (next to Dizengoff Square). Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook for updates and invites.

| Bauhaus Gallery & Exhibitions | Bauhaus Center Tel AvivComing in 2022 | 100 Years Vkhutemas Moscow

Our new documentary exhibition “Russian Revolution and Architecture: 100 years of the Vkhutemas architecture and art school, Moscow” pays tribute to the work of the Vkhutemas School of Architecture and Art.

The school was founded in the wake of the Russian Revolution and was committed to building a better future, until its closing int 1930. Its progressive designs for architecture and art were far ahead of their time and impress even today’s viewers. Historical and political circumstances led to the fact that this “cradle” of modernism was hardly noticed, at least in the West. 100 years after the founding of the school, it is to be presented anew in all its significance.

This new exhibition will have its premiere in the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv Gallery (next to Dizengoff Square). Sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook for updates and invites.

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Dizengoff Circle

Dizengoff Circle

Exhibition about Dizengoff Square, center and icon of the White City. After 2 years of intensive renovations, it was reopened in the fall of 2018. Our exhibition shows the history of this iconic square.