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The Bauhaus Center Gallery develops and hosts changing exhibitions about Bauhaus architecture and design, the city of Tel Aviv and contemporary art, design and architecture. Our exhibitions travel, and they have been shown in Berlin, Frankfurt, Delft (NL), London and many more places.

Many of our Bauhaus Center exhibitions are shown in museums and educational institutions around the world, including Berlin, Frankfurt, Delft and London. More information about our exhibitions for rent can be found here >>

Showing now | Architecture Moderne: Mumbai and Tel-Aviv

A new exhibition celebrating 30 years of friendship between India and Israel

| Bauhaus Gallery & Exhibitions | Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv

How is it that two cities, which lay 4,000 km apart – share surprising similarities?
This new exhibition addresses this question with a fascinating combination of striking photographs and introductory texts.

In the 1930’s, a new architectural development took place both in Tel Aviv and Mumbai. The urban image of the city transformed into a modernist weave of new city fabric, with neatly laid out plots, uniform footprints and building heights, punctuated by skyline dominating facades of new building typologies.

This exhibition is a way of acknowledging the sorority of cities that shared an architecture of self-similarity, Art Deco in Mumbai and the Bauhaus Style in Tel Aviv. These are evident in cinemas, residential buildings, sacred spaces and more.

10:00 – 19:00
09:45 – 14:30
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Archive | Future, Current and Past Exhibitions

Brno’s Style

Brno’s Style

The exhibition "Brno's Style" consists of 25 different projects and current trends in Brno's architecture through the contemporary work of Brno born architect Jiri Gero. It presents detached houses, apartment buildings, industrial factories, sport facilities, mixed-use buildings, school grounds and renovations. Gero creates a timeless architectural work in continuation of Brno's modernist heritage.
Dizengoff Circle

Dizengoff Circle

Exhibition about Dizengoff Square, center and icon of the White City. After 2 years of intensive renovations, it was reopened in the fall of 2018. Our exhibition shows the history of this iconic square.