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“The Jewish aspect in the world of comics and storytelling”.

Artist Architect and Art Essayist Evgeny Zhilinsky will give a lecture on the topic: “Paper Cinema from Joe Shuster to…

Konstantin Melnikov: Genius, Fame, Hatred and Oblivion

Konstantin Melnikov: Genius Fame Hatred and Oblivion Journalist TV presenter and author of programs on television and radio about history…

Upcoming Events at the Bauhaus Center

Find below a list of upcoming events at the Bauhaus Center. For more details and tickets: Visit Bauhaus Center on…

Architecture in Flip-Flops: Bat Yam, 1920-1990 | Daphna Levine

The wide variety of building types solidified in Bat Yam during the first few decades resembles a pastiche of architectural…

Herzl’s Vision Today

We are happy to invite you to a new exhibition on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day of Israel!…

Updates on our tours!

The Bauhaus Center is changing things up! More and more visitors come and visit Israel and many of them the…

‘In Tel Aviv people live life at 100 per cent’

The white Bauhaus city is in the Financial Times ! French architect and Designer Charles Zana shares his favorites haunts…

Celebrating twenty years of the Bauhaus Center Gallery

Celebrating Bauhaus Center Gallery’s twentieth anniversary! The “newly established” Bauhaus Center Gallery is celebrating twenty! This is a good time…

Tel Aviv in India: Mumbai–Tel Aviv: Architecture Moderne

Tel Aviv in India To celebrate the establishment of diplomatic ties between Israel and India thirty years ago, the Israeli…

Bauhaus Tel Aviv around the world: Georgia

Bauhaus Tel Aviv around the world Following the removal of COVID-19 restrictions, Bauhaus Tel Aviv has seen a rise in…

100 Years Vkhutemas Moscow – Revolution, Art and Architecture – (due to Covid19 pandemic, the exhibition will be postponed)

In 2020, just a year after the inspiring 2019 events around the Bauhaus centenary, we celebrate the founding of the…

The World Celebrating Bauhaus 100

In 2019 Bauhaus celebrated its 100th anniversary and experienced an enormous boost of interest and attention all around the globe…

Global Learning: Bauhaus Center visiting Hong Kong

Past week Bauhaus Center’s Dr. Micha Gross had the privilege to lecture and present our research and experience with Bauhaus…

20 Years Bauhaus Center – A Conversation With Co-Founder Dr. Micha Gross

The Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv is at its 20th anniversary as popular as it has ever been. Travelers to Tel…

Celebrating Vkhutemas 100 – Exhibitions And Lectures In 2020

In 2020 we celebrate the centenary of the Russian state art and technical school Vkhutemas, established in 1920 in Moscow….

Exhibition Opening in Berlin: Cooperation With ‘Freiraum Berlin’ Gallery

The Bauhaus Center is proud to present this new photography exhibition, linking Berlin and Tel Aviv in the centenary of the Bauhaus School. Photographies by Jean Molitor. In cooperation with the Freiraum Berlin gallery.

The Reflections of Bauhaus In The Modernization of Novi Sad

The Bauhaus Center contribution to the project “The Reflections of Bauhaus In The Modernization of Novi Sad” in 2019.

Bauhaus Center Exhibitions and Presentations Worldwide

While the world is celebrating a century of Bauhaus architecture, the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv is involved in a number…

Bauhaus Centenary – Tel Aviv Bauhaus Center In The Media

Bauhaus architecture is experiencing an overwhelming boost of interest all around the world in 2019, triggered by the German art…

Our White City Exhibition Showing In Moscow

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus, we were invited with our exhibition “Bauhaus. The White City of Tel…


Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv was established in 2000 to expand public recognition of Tel Avivs “White City” as a unique architectural and cultural site.

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מרכז באוהאוס תל אביב הוקם בשנת 2000 על ידי ד"ר אשר בן-שמואל, שלומית גרוס וד"ר מיכה גרוס. מטרתו היא להרחיב את המודעות הציבורית לייחוד האדריכלי והתרבותי של "העיר הלבנה".אנחנו מציעים סיורים מודרכים, חנות עיצוב באוהאוס, חלל גלריה לאומנות ועוד הרבה יותר. קראו עוד על מרכז באוהאוס תל אביב >>
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