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Celebrating twenty years of the Bauhaus Center Gallery

Celebrating Bauhaus Center Gallery’s twentieth anniversary!

The “newly established” Bauhaus Center Gallery is celebrating twenty! This is a good time to reflect on its activities over the years, and ask how many exhibitions has the gallery presented and what they focused on. To answer these questions, we present the following figures:

20   Years of Gallery activity

80   Exhibitions held

40   Documentary exhibitions

43   Art exhibitions

20   Exhibitions about Tel Aviv

39   Architecture exhibitions

36   Collaborations with other institutions

31   Solo exhibitions (13 women, 18 men)

This is only some of the information we have put together to demonstrate the diversity of events held at the Bauhaus Center Gallery since its establishment. We would be happy to share the complete dataset with anyone interested (just email us at
For more detailed information on the full list of exhibitions—including titles and content descriptions—visit

| Celebrating twenty years of the Bauhaus Center Gallery

Bauhaus Center Gallery exhibitions through the years

Photo: Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv