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Bauhaus in Tel Aviv - Answers And Basic Facts

What is the history of Bauhaus in Tel Aviv? Where can I find Bauhaus in Tel Aviv? And what is it about, really? – Here are answers to the most frequent questions (FAQs) and the basic facts you need to explore the White City of Tel Aviv.

What is Bauhaus in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is the unique world capital of Bauhaus buildings. Bauhaus Architecture & Design can bee seen today all over the globe, from Bauhaus furniture to Bauhaus influenced paintings and prints. But the sheer number and quality of Bauhaus buildings in the ‘White City’ of Tel Aviv is unique.

What is the 'White City of Tel Aviv'?

The “White City” of Tel Aviv counts about 4000 buildings, around 2000 of them are protected under preservation law. This part of Tel Aviv was constructed mainly for the huge immigration wave in the 1930s, mostly German and European Jews escaping European fascism and German National Socialism.

The architects of the White City were strongly influenced by the big modernist (Bauhaus) masters such as: Walter Gropius, Hannes Meyer, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Erich Mendelsohn etc.

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The best way to experience the Bauhaus World Heritage Site “White City of Tel Aviv” is to join the Bauhaus Center architectural tour which features a short introductory movie and a map handout. Join the weekly tour, or stop by the Bauhaus Center to pick up an Audioguide during regular opening hours.

Where can I see and experience Bauhaus in Tel Aviv?

On the White City Walking Tour our guides explain the principles of the local modernism and provides information about the historical, geographical, social and architectural circumstances leading to the construction of the “White City”.

The “Tel Aviv Preservation Map” lists the preserved buildings and allows to find them easily. With this sophisticated map one can easily discover the gems of the city.

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As Tel Aviv is a very dynamic place, only few original Bauhaus interieurs have survived. But a look into the gardens and into the staircases are often worth while. Also our publication “Between the Private and the Public domains” may be helpful for this purpose.

By visiting the Bauhaus Center on 77, Dizengoff Street, you are two steps away from Dizengoff Square. This great “Bauhaus Plaza” was planned in 1934 by the young women architect Genia Averbouch and since then it is considered the “heart” of the White City.

Of  big public concern is the subject of the renovation and revival of the local Bauhaus architecture. This topic makes part of our tour and it is also discussed in our best-selling publication “Preservation and Renewal of the Bauhaus and International Style Buildings in Tel Aviv”.

Is there a Bauhaus Museum in Tel Aviv?

Our Bauhaus Center Gallery shows changing exhibitions concerning Tel Aviv, architecture, art and design. The Bauhaus Center’s Book Shop has the biggest offer in town regarding books, posters, picture-post cards, design and articraft articles related to Bauhaus in Tel Aviv.

The Bauhaus Museum on Bialik Street 21 consists of a showroom with furniture in Bauhaus Style for people interested in modernist interieur. The presented pieces are not of local production. No entrance fees, limited opening hours (as of Jan 2020: Wed 11-17 and Fri 10-14 h).

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The Liebling House on Bialik Street 29 was established in cooperation and with the support of the German government. Its aim is to provide skills to deal with renovation tasks. In addition, the building hosts an artist residency unit and some showrooms. Educational community workshops are planned. Open for the wide public, no entrance fees, open daily from 10-19h.

How can I stay in a Bauhaus building?

While visiting the White City, many people would like to experience the “living” in a Bauhaus building. We compiled for you a list of recommended Bauhaus Hotels and Bauhaus Holiday Apartments available for travelers and tourists in Tel Aviv.

Why should I visit the Bauhaus Center in Tel Aviv?

Our most centrally located Bauhaus Center allows you to get a good impression about buildings, design and art of the Bauhaus in Tel Aviv. Our Bauhaus Center exhibitions (free entry) reflect different viewpoints relating to the Bauhaus heritage.

In our gift- and bookshop you find also souvenirs and design objects produced by the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv. By visiting the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv you can experience the authentic way locals relate to the Bauhaus heritage.

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Find out more about the center and its history in this interview with the Bauhaus Center founder Dr Micha Gross and on our About Us Page.

Sun – Thu
09:30 – 20:00
09:30 – 15:00
77 Dizengoff St.   –   Tel Aviv
(+972) 3-522-0249
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“Don’t miss the Bauhaus Center’s two-hour walking tour, conducted in English, Hebrew and German.” – TIME MAGAZINE

“Founded in 2000, the Bauhaus Center is a dynamic mix of exhibition space, museum and a shop dedicated to Bauhaus-influenced and original Israeli designs…” – HAARETZ

“Shlomit Gross loves her city. The co-founder of the Bauhaus Center in Tel Aviv shares her enthusiasm with the groups of tourists she takes through Israel. Most of them want to see Jerusalem, Haifa or Lake Genezareth. Unfortunately, only very few are aware that Tel Aviv has one of the largest collections of Bauhaus buildings…” – DW DEUTSCHE WELLE

| Bauhaus in Tel Aviv | FAQs | Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv| Bauhaus in Tel Aviv | FAQs | Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv

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