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Bauhaus Center Exhibitions For Rent

In the past 20 years we have developed a growing number of popular exhibitions that have been visited by thousands in our Bauhaus Center Gallery space in Tel Aviv, and that have been shown in dozens of cities around the world. Find our exhibitions available for rent below, and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are looking for an interesting display in the field of 20th century architecture and city-planning.

For support and cooperation we have worked with and keep excellent relations to Israeli embassies and consulates as well as the Israeli Nativ organization. The exhibitions generally consist of 20-40 documented posters (can be printed on location), some are accompanied by an extensive catalog and some are already translated to multiple languages. See exhibition details for information.

| Exhibitions For Rent | Bauhaus Center Tel AvivPreservation and Renewal – Bauhaus in Tel Aviv

Our trademark exhibition has toured the world in the past years. Preservation And Renewal: Bauhaus And International Style Buildings In Tel Aviv displays color photographs of recently renovated buildings in the White City alongside historic photographs and architectural plans. Our exhibition catalogue and book Preservation and Renewal is available in Hebrew & English. >> get in touch

| Exhibitions For Rent | Bauhaus Center Tel AvivVkhutemas

With this exhibition we celebrate the centenary of the Russian state art and technical school Vkhutemas, established in 1920 in Moscow, an avant-garde center for art and architecture. The detailed program is in preparation, please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook for updates. >> get in touch

| Exhibitions For Rent | Bauhaus Center Tel AvivDizengoff Square – Through History

Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus School, the city of Tel Aviv has successfully completed the restoration of Dizengoff Circus. The Bauhaus Center is reviewing the history of the iconic Dizengoff Square and celebrating its renewal with this exhibition on display in our gallery. The exhibition consists of b/w and color photos, sketches and original vintage items. >> get in touch

| Exhibitions For Rent | Bauhaus Center Tel AvivJosef Rings and Erich Mendelsohn: New Building in Germany and Mandatory Palestine

Josef Rings and Erich Mendelsohn are two leading exponents of Modernism in Germany, and later in exile in Mandatory Palestine. They represent different architectural approaches with regard to content and form.  On occasion of Bauhaus100 we created and presented this show in collaboration with Moses Mendelsohn Zentrum in Potsdam and Alte Synagoge Essen. >> get in touch

| Exhibitions For Rent | Bauhaus Center Tel AvivBauhaus: Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a city thousands of years old, the spiritual center of the three monotheistic religions, showcase for world history – but also a place of remarkable buildings of the first half of the 20th century. This exhibition and its catalogue, aim to be a visual aid for the often hidden particulars of Jerusalem’s architecture, which originated between the years 1920 and 1948. >> get in touch

| Exhibitions For Rent | Bauhaus Center Tel AvivSand And Splendor. Eclectic Style Architecture In Tel-Aviv.

The eclectic style of the 1920s was an attempt to create a different architectural language — different from the one common in Eretz Israel at the time, and different from the languages the immigrant architects had previously known. Standing out in the modern streets of Tel Aviv, these buildings are remnants of the city’s origins and raise questions about identity and different ways of life. >> get in touch

| Exhibitions For Rent | Bauhaus Center Tel AvivTel Aviv Views: Then And Now

In 1926, the legendary Tel Aviv photographer Avraham Soskin published the album “Tel Aviv Views”. He juxtaposed the earliest photos of the sands against the same locales twenty years later. Ron Erde continues Soskin’s thinking in a documentary that compares the “then” and the “now”, “now” being 100 years later. >> get in touch

Languages: English and Hebrew

| Exhibitions For Rent | Bauhaus Center Tel AvivBetween the Private and Public Domains

The photographs in this exhibition are a joint project by the photographer Michael Craig Palmer, who immigrated from the United States in 1985, and the German architect and interior designer Ingrid Botschen, who has researched 1930s and 1940s International Style and Bauhaus architecture in Tel Aviv. The artists have crossed the buildings’ threshold and photographed the intermediate spaces between the public and private domains, between the exterior and interior of International Style and Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv.
>> get in touch

| Exhibitions For Rent | Bauhaus Center Tel AvivLotte Cohn: Pioneer Women Architect in Israel

This exhibition presents for the first time the architectural oeuvre of Lotte Cohn in Palestine and Israel as so far discovered. The show includes life and work of Cohn—first woman architect in Palestine as well as detailed descriptions of selected buildings and projects. It consists of 24 panels with texts, photos, plans and architectural competitions.
>> get in touch

Languages: English, German, Hebrew

| Exhibitions For Rent | Bauhaus Center Tel AvivWilhelm Ze’ev Haller – Modern Architecture from Leipzig to Tel Aviv

The work of the architect Wilhelm Haller (1884-1956) has largely fallen into oblivion. From 1911 to 1933 he operated in Leipzig, later he moved to Tel Aviv. In Tel Aviv, which is considered to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage, Haller contributed to the construction of the “White City” with a series of buildings of the modernity. Those and other buildings are to be introduced in the exhibition. >> get in touch

Languages: English, German

| Exhibitions For Rent | Bauhaus Center Tel AvivBauhaus In Birobidzhan

The city of Birobidzhan was established in 1928 in the far east of the USSR for the development of a territorial unit for Jewish settlement. This exhibition relates Bauhaus in Birobidzhan to Bauhaus in Tel Aviv, simultaneously marking the 80th anniversary of Birobidzhan and the 60th anniversary of the state of Israel. >> get in touch

| Exhibitions For Rent | Bauhaus Center Tel AvivBeer Sheva: Brutalist And Neo-Brutalist Architecture

Brutalism is an architectural ethics that sought to express the structure’s truth: its functional, materialistic and local truth and the movement within it. The Beer Sheva Brutalism seeks to interpret the specific place: the desert and its many physical and cultural layers. >> get in touch

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