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The World of Jan Vermeer – Lecture by Roman Grigoryev (Russian)

Date : January 16, 2024

The World of Jan Vermeer – Lecture by Roman Grigoryev (Russian)

On January 28th the Bauhaus Center will host a new lecture by Roman Grigoryev this time he will delve into the world of Jan Vermeer!

Roman Grigoriev is an art scientist, custodian of Dutch engraving in the Hermitage (1992-2022) and a professor at the European University in St. Petersburg (2000 to 2023).

Let’s talk about an artist, loved and appreciated by contemporaries – residents of Delft and the Netherlands, but who never achieved popularity compared to the Flemish Rubens or his countryman Rembrandt.

Let’s learn about the oddities of the biography of a man who spent his whole century in his hometown, who did not go to Italy like 99% of his colleagues, died in poverty and left a widow with a lot of debts and several paintings. Let’s talk about the fates of the canvases themselves, let’s try to understand for whom they were created as an artist, and how they were perceived, in other words – “read”.

Who is the girl with the pearl earring? Is it true Vermeer’s maid, as the creators of the movie with Scarlett Johansson are trying to convince us, or is it not a portrait of a real person at all? And in general, is this a pearl earring? Who else wore such earrings, and what happened to the painting 350 years after its creation. We will talk about issues of Faith in the Republic of the United States and related paintings by Vermeer.

When: January 28, 2023 18:00

Where: 77 Dizegof Tel Aviv

The price is 80 NIS

Language : Russian

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| The World of Jan Vermeer - Lecture by Roman Grigoryev (Russian)