SINCE 2000

Our Partnership with DoCoMoMo

Date : November 12, 2017

We are proud to be Institutional Partner and support the DoCoMoMo International Organization, working to protect the heritage of the Modern Movement in architecture.

The mission of the International Committee for Documentation and Conservation of Buildings, Sites and Neighbourhoods of the Modern Movement (DoCoMoMo) is in line with the spirit of our Bauhaus Center in Tel Aviv:

“In the last decades, the architectural heritage of the modern movement appeared more at risk than during any other period. This built inheritance glorifies the dynamic spirit of the Machine Age. At the end of the 1980s, many modern masterpieces had already been demolished or had changed beyond recognition. This was mainly due to the fact that many were not considered to be elements of heritage, that their original functions have substantially changed and that their technological innovations have not always endured long-term stresses.”

If you are a DoCoMoMo supporter you will receive a discount on purchases in our Bauhaus Center Design Shop.