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New Exhibition Celebrating 100 Years Bauhaus

Date : March 7, 2018

We are proud to contribute to the Bauhaus100 celebration in Germany and all around the globe. The Bauhaus Center partners with the University of Potsdam and the Jewish Museum Essen to curate a new exhibition and to publish a new Bauhaus Center book for the centenary in 2019.

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The Bauhaus School in Germany will celebrate its centenary in 2019 with highly publicized events in Germany and all over the globe. The Bauhaus became a symbol for modernism in architecture and design, and it represents the democratic spirit of Germany in the “Weimarer Republik”. After 1933 when the Bauhaus was closed and many of its members and students left Germany, some of them relocated to Palestine-Israel.

The Bauhaus Center was invited to contribute to the centenary events with an exhibition of its own, of two architects who were well known in Germany until they emigrated to Palestine: Josef Rings and Erich Mendelsohn (architect known amongst other works for the famous Weizmann House in Rechovot, Israel). Our partners for the exhibition are Dr. Ines Sonder from the University of Potsdam and Dr. Uri Kaufmann from the Jewish Museum “Alte Synagoge” Essen.

Bauhaus Center Exhibition on Tour in Germany in 2019

This coproduction will be shown in a number of places in Germany, with Essen as its first station. In Tel Aviv the special exhibition will be shown in the gallery space of the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv.

The title of the exhibition and the book will be ‘Neues Bauen in Deutschland und Israel (Palestina): Josef Rings und Erich Mendelsohn’. With this presentation we will show how the modernist spirit as well as modern technical “know-how” was transferred from Germany to Israel (Palestine) after 1933.

This project takes place during the Bauhaus100 year and it enjoys the support of the government of Rheinland-Westfalen as well as donations by private sponsors.