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Bauhaus Center Exhibitions and Presentations Worldwide

Date : May 25, 2019

While the world is celebrating a century of Bauhaus architecture, the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv is involved in a number of events and exhibitions in cities around the globe. Find a few selected highlights below, from Berlin to Hong Kong, where the Bauhaus Center contributed.

Tel Aviv: Preservation And Renewal – Bauhaus And International Style Buildings In Tel Aviv

This permanent exhibition at the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv is curated and edited by Dr. Micha Gross, co-founder of the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv. It is an up-to-date version of the former exhibition “Revival of the Bauhaus in Tel Aviv”, 2003, and is accompanied by a compactly designed book which invites the reader to walk through the Bauhaus-city and visiting the described buildings himself for an enhanced experience.

Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv, permanent exhibition
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Exhibition Opening in Moscow with Dr Micha Gross Founder Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv Garry Koren Israeli Ambassador to Russia Yana Agmon Director of Nativ Organization Moscow Elizabetha Lichacheva Director National Russian Museum for Architecture

Moscow: Bauhaus. The White City of Tel Aviv.

The Museum of Architecture named after A.V. Schuseva hosted the exhibition “Bauhaus. The White City of Tel Aviv”, organized by the General Planning Institute of Moscow, the Bauhaus Center of Tel Aviv and the Israel Cultural Center to celebrate the anniversary of the movement. In this context, Dr. Micha Gross also presented the work and research of the Bauhaus Center, and was featured in an extensive interview to the renowned Russian magazine “Artguide”.

The Museum of Architecture, Moscow (until April 2019)
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Cologne: Neues Bauen im Rheinland und in Palästina – Eretz Israel

Focusing on the architects Josef Rings and Erich Mendelsohn, this exhibition shows some of their buildings in the North-Rhine-Westphalia, as well as in then-Palestine. The exhibition is curated by Bauhaus Center’s founder Dr. Micha Gross and Dr. Ines Sonder.

NS Dokumentationszentrum Köln, 17. Mai 2019 – 14. Juli 2019
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Bauhaus Founder Dr Micha Gross in Novi Sad

Novi Sad 2021

Novi Sad was named the European Capital of Culture for 2021. In this capacity, it celebrates 100 years of Bauhaus with a program called “Future of Europe” and will host the exhibition “Preservation And Renewal: Bauhaus And International Style Buildings”. Dr. Micha Gross will present the Bauhaus Center’s work and research on the topic at the opening of the exhibition in May 2019.

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Berlin: Wohnungsfrage und Freiraum – Bauhaus und die Moderne in Berlin und Tel Aviv

Freiraum Berlin opens its doors for an exhibition in cooperation with the Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv. The exhibition debates questions like “how do we want to live?” in a social context. Dr. Micha Gross will give a lecture on the history, preservation and renovation of the White City in Tel Aviv (May 28, 2019).

Freiraum Berlin, May 15 – October 26, 2019
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Hongkong, University of Science and Technology

The University of Science and Technology in Hongkong is planning a Bauhaus event in October 2019 in honor of 100 years Bauhaus, focusing on the influence the Bauhaus legacy had on design and technology – and on Apple’s product design in particular. Dr. Micha Gross is looking forward to speak at this event.