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The Reflections of Bauhaus In The Modernization of Novi Sad

Date : July 9, 2019

“The Modernization of Novi Sad: Reflections of Bauhaus” is a project initiated within the setting of the “European Capital of Culture Novi Sad 2021 – The Future of Europe”. In a variety of formats and events, it shows the influence of Bauhaus and promotes awareness and appreciation for the modernist heritage of Novi Sad. The Bauhaus Center is proud to be a part of this project.

| The Reflections of Bauhaus In The Modernization of Novi Sad
Preservation and Renewal exhibition opening in Novi Sad with Dr Micha Gross founder Bauhaus Center Tel Aviv

The involvement of the Bauhaus Center’s founder Dr. Micha Gross in this project was twofold: Firstly, the traveling exhibition “Preservation and Renewal: Bauhaus and International Style Buildings in Tel Aviv” was incorporated in the program of “The Modernisation of Novi Sad”. Showing dozens of objects built in the 1930s in Tel Aviv, which were rebuilt in close cooperation of the City of Tel Aviv and UNESCO, this exhibition gives insight into the reconstruction process of the architectural heritage in Tel Aviv – and can possibly serve as inspiration for the preservation of modernist heritage in Novi Sad.

| The Reflections of Bauhaus In The Modernization of Novi Sad
Workshop Walks through Modern Novi Sad

Secondly, Dr. Gross shared his knowledge and skills in the workshop “Walks through Modern Novi Sad”, giving suggestions and advice to attending students. Referring to the issue of preservation and restoration of architectural heritage, Dr. Gross emphasized the importance of adequate legal regulations and close cooperation between city leaders, experts such as conservators and architects and the UNESCO. High quality results can only be achieved through full adherence to regulations and expert advice. The foundations of this process should be established by thorough research projects such as mapping and recording of all objects with significance to the modernist heritage of the City.

| The Reflections of Bauhaus In The Modernization of Novi Sad
Developing the cultural identity of a city

Experiences of Tel Aviv, a city with about 4,000 objects referring to modernity and Bauhaus, can be significant for other cities with rich modernist heritage, such as Novi Sad. The traveling exhibition on display as well as our catalog and many other public relations activities and touristic offerings, accompany the renovation and renewal process in Tel Aviv. All these measures have instilled a change in perception, and a new cultural identity has developed. The former lack of interest and knowledge has been replaced through pride and identification with the “White City”. Drawing interest and gaining support from the citizens for private and public investment in the cause is crucial for any city development plan. We look forward to a potential future Tel Aviv – Novi Sad cooperation!